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In a nutshell, this is what we do:

  • Connect with startup ecosystem leaders in other cities to see what works best for them
  • Adapt best practices from other places to the unique culture and environment of our city
  • Develop a grassroots movement that begins with our entrepreneurs, connecting them to each other and to local resources
  • Create infrastructure (resources, capital, activities) where they don't exist yet. 
  • Highlight Lean Startup methods and a bootstrap mentality. Local investors have a supportive but backup role, available when startups become fundable and appropriate for capital investment. 

JaxCoE is revolutionizing the grassroots Startup Ecosystem Movement in several ways:

  • We create sustainable and strong community from the ground up through an extensive system of JaxCoE Exceleration Teams. 5-7 founders at the same growth stage commit to support one another for 3 months. A massive network of Jacksonville area professionals stands by to act as trusted advisors to teams as needed. Participation is free of charge - there is a place for everyone.
  • We connect our community members with opportunities that arise through local initiatives like Northeast Florida STEM2 Hub, Florida Institute for Commercialization of Public Research, and the JaxCoE-University of Florida Office of Technology Licensing Partnership. For instance, we are connecting our local early stage investors to local startups and connecting both of them to new technology through our partnerships with University of Florida and the FICPR. 
  • We have identified 3 industry clusters to build regional competitive advantage. We advocate for incentives to promote and support startups operating in these clusters. 
  • The JaxCoE leadership has made a long-term commitment to supporting local entrepreneurs, Downtown revitalization, and regional economic development.
  • We are building formal collaborative relationships with similar Startup Ecosystems in other cities. The first of these are Austin, Kansas City, and Madison, WI. 
  • We seek to develop trusting, collaborative relationships with our local resources - municipal government, educational institutions, NPOs, entrepreneurial groups, so that we may all rise together. There is a place for competition but collaboration wherever possible benefits each of us individually. 
  • We promote both local and regional collaboration. Our growing partnerships and affiliations with Startup Ecosystem leaders in Gainesville and Orlando allow us to leverage the assets that each city/region provides. 
  • We have aligned our objectives with existing plans to (1) revitalize Downtown Jacksonville, (2) build healthy Jacksonville neighborhoods, and (3) promote regional economic development. Thus, we swim in the same current as and support all the groups that care about our city.  

In the Works & Coming Soon:

  • Exceleration Team Rollout across Northeast Florida
  • Launch of Healthcare Tech Commercialization Center with consortium of healthcare research, education, and provider facilities
  • Joint Projects with Northeast Florida STEM2 Hub Initiative
  • Lean Startup Workshops 
  • Data collection and research in collaboration with Kauffman Foundation
  • 1 Million Cups
  • Distinguished Speaker Series at Unity Plaza (3rd Monday of each month)

The JAX Community of Entrepreneurs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit creating community for founders of innovative and high-growth businesses in northeast Florida.  We’re here to develop and support a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem where founders will flourish and the economy will escalate.

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